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If you like dogs, beer or Colorado, you should love The BrewDogs of Colorado II. This is a perfect gift for dog lovers. Some would call it a coffee table book and others will consider it a bar book. Craft beer fans and dog lovers throughout Colorado and across the country should be excited to meet Colorado’s newest BrewDogs. This sequel to the popular dog coffee table photo book,  BrewDogs of Colorado, should be the gift of choice for fans of dog books, beer, and Colorado.

beer dogs coloradoReaders will enjoy the dog pictures and “dog tales” as they meet Colorado dogs from the largest Colorado craft brewers to some of the smallest microbreweries and brewpubs. Olie, an Italian Greyhound. rescued through Italian Greyhound Rescue of  Colorado,  helped his owner heal from a chronic illness.  Stanley is a basset hound whose ears make him appear like a flying dog. Then there is Yeti, an Australian Shepherd who likes to crash campus sorority parties. With dog photos that range from Colorado’s first craft brewery (Boulder Beer)  to the newest, (Brew on Broadway) The BrewDogs of Colorado II delivers more dogs, more brewers, and more fun for beer drinkers, and dog lovers.

Rescue dogs dominate in this edition, as most of these BrewDogs found their forever homes through dog rescue and adoption agencies in Colorado. Meet two dogs that spent their lives in a puppy mill, and now have found new lives with families of Colorado brewers. These mill dogs never had a chance to be puppies but are now getting to be dogs for the first time.

The BrewDogs of Colorado II features  dogs from thirty six Colorado breweries. Twenty two of these breweries started crafting their lagers and ales after  the original book was published. Readers will enjoy the foreword by Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper, a Colorado brew pub pioneer, as he shares his most recent dog adoption experience. Photographs of Colorado’s magnificent landscapes and photo essays on Colorado dog rescue organizations, and of course beer fests, including the Great American Beer Festival, round out this photographic tribute to Colorado’s craft brewers and their dogs.

beer dogs coloradoWhile the BrewDogs of Colorado  may not have started over a beer, it did start with the knowledge that Colorado’s brewers make great medal winning beer,  that they love their dogs. That affirms the trademarked slogan, “Dogs, Beer, Colorado, . . .it doesn’t get much better. ”

When it’s all said and done, our dogs don’t care if your beer won a medal, if you closed a deal, or if the Denver Broncos go to the Super Bowl. All they care about is you, and they wait all day until they can tell you in their own special way, welcome home.

We hope you will consider The BrewDogs of Colorado II to add to your book collection or give as a gift to a someone special who loves dogs, beer or Colorado.  It will be a fun addition to your coffee table or bookshelf.